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To honor ALL of the fallen world citizens the 9.11 tragedy 

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      My country how I love thee
      Land of the noble and the free
      How my heart bounds within me
      When thy true flag I see.

      My heart does in rapture swell
      At thought of the brave who fell
      In woodland, field and dell
      Fighting for thee.

      Long may my country stand
      The eagle's chosen land
      Guarded by freedom's band
      Spotless and pure.

      Laura Ingalls Wilder


America's Heroes

      I know not the soil on which you were born,
      But tragically from your families arms you were torn.
      And in the name of terror you died on my golden shores,
      Then you became one of my fallen American heroes.

      *snogirl © 2002 (1)


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(1) The poetry itself is not good but it expresses my feelings
of those about of the world citizenry that died in the 9.11 terror attacks.