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More grade banners available, see note below buttons.


Note: For this set I created a banner for each of the grades in the elementary schools. The "Welcome" banner and the "grade" banners are two separate graphics. The zip file below contains all the graphics, banners and background plus a file of the html and background color of the table frame. I also have given you the choice of using "Welcome to My" or "Welcome to Our" banners. If you would like a matching banner with the school's or teacher's names, please feel free to request one by e-mail.
I have added a sign for preschool as of 7/23/05 for any of you that need it It's in the zip now along with the other grades.
As of 8/4/06 I have added the "Homework" button. It is now shown above and is now in the zip file also.

Zip File - Complete Set

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