How to use Alphabet Letters

Open your alphabet graphic in your paint program as in the above figure.

Increase the size of the background by adding to the right of the graphic as above. I used a letter that was 100 pixels high and increased the canvas size to 300 wide.

Click on your graphic to bring up your text box. Decide the font, size and color. Click OK.

At this point you may either leave it as is or apply your favorite filter to the text. You can also either texturize the text, flood fill it with pattern. In the banner I used on the page of my letters, I airbrushed the letters with a dusting of white to emulate snow before applying the filter giving it the look of the snowflakes in the letters.

At this point (above) you may make your graphic transparent, crop it's overall size or resize the graphic. You could also frame it or make a button out of it. There are numerous possibilities of fun things you can do. Below is the transparent version of my enhanced alphabet letter.

You can also spell out words with the letters rather than using plain text or a matching font. However in some cases, they are too elaborate or large too large to make it feasible. In the case of my sample, I made the lower case considerably smaller than would be the normal case in order to give it an interesting effect.

Some Alphabet Sets come with caps, lower case, numbers and punctuation so you may use them all to spell out words or again you can mix and match. To use them to spell out the words on a web page, simply put them side by side with no breaks in the HTML and they will load as one word as below.

If you have any questions feel free to E-Mail me.


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