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Visit my tutorial on Using Alphabet Letters.


What is an Alphabet Set???

I thought it might be helpful to any visitor that might not be familiar with just exactly what Alphabet Sets really are for me to explain a bit about them here. It seems that many of my visitors think they have some connection with Fonts. The only connection is that most of the time they are made from a font, whether a straight text font, a picture font or a ding font. I take a graphic and add a font letter to it to create an Alphabet Letter. Sometimes I use a picture font to create the letter or a ding which is just a graphic and add a letter font to it. At any rate, they are nothing but a graphic to be used to illustrate a web page or to use in print form. They are NOT a font to be downloaded into your windows font folder. They will not work in any way shape or form as a Windows Font.

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