Alphabet Terms of Use

Thanks for taking the time to read my terms of use for my Alphabet Sets. I appreciate your cooperation greatly.


  I ask that NONE of my Alphabet Sets with images be used to make PSP Tubes, PSP Custom Brushes, Signature Tags, Backgrounds, other Alphabet Sets, other graphics, E-Mail Stationery (including Incredimail, Outlook Express, etc,) and so on, period, no exception. I am allowing however the use of any of my Alphabet sets that are just letters with no images, just solid color. Each set that is allowed for use will state that fact. It's all a copyright issue and I am sorry to have to disallow their use for creativity but it is necessary.

Both of these are acceptable.

However the ones below are NOT acceptable 
for use for the above mentioned purposes.

These are examples of an Alphabet Set with a graphic 
image or created with a background filler.


   None of my Alphabet Sets with images are to be posted on the web as free Alphabet Sets or graphics or commercial Alphabet Set or graphics collections in any of the above mentioned forms. You may use them to illustrate your personal web pages.

  You may however use my all of my Alphabet Sets in scrapbooks, personal printed stationery (snail mail), note cards, in a classroom, etc. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT WHAT ANY OF THIS MEANS, BY ALL MEANS, CONTACT ME. 

   The content you add to the Alpha MUST be family oriented, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING  containing, pornography (even slight nudity), hatred,  racism or violence. 

   Nothing on these pages may be used for profit in any way.

These terms are for my Alphabet Sets only. The usual terms of use still hold true for all my graphics found at Graphix by *snogirl and Sno's Studio. If you wish to read those terms then CLICK HERE to visit that page.



The graphics on this page were created by *snogirl 2000\2003, all rights reserved.