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This Alphabet set is made with individual letters, numbers, etc. but are cut so they butt directly up to the next letter giving it the look of a solid word.


When I was making these sets, I failed to make sure that all were lined up exactly. I haven't made one before that needed to be spot on alignment so it didn't dawn on me to put them all on a web page to see if they align properly. Someone sent me a thank you note using the letters and one was slightly lower than the others. So after checking I found five from each set that needed to be fixed. If you got this set from Aug. 31st through Aug. 5, you need to download these zips files again and discard the original ones. They are now corrected.

ZIP FILE - Transparent Uppercase, Lowercase,
Numbers & Punctuation




ZIP FILE - Uppercase, Lowercase, Numbers,  
& Punctuation (White background)


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The font used in this set is Penmanship Print.