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While surfing around the Net, I noticed there are very few graphics available of circus clowns, tents and menagerie animals so I decided to create some for everyone to use. I did find in my travels that there are some really great circus sites with history, pictures, activities for kids and even schedules of circuses around the world.

When my father was a small child, he was given a circus set made of wood. There were elephants, clowns, menagerie animals and a ring master. There were chairs and ladders for the clowns and they were all dressed in bright costumes. When I was a child it was given to me and I spent many happy hours playing with it. It is now considered an antique and would be quite valuable had I not played with it so much. I still have it and love to put some of it on display with my country collectibles.

Even though this is a basically just a graphics page I have decided to add links to wonderful those sites I found so you all can have as much fun as I did. The links will be at the bottom of this page.

I hope you enjoy your stay at the SnoVille Circus and will visit again as I intended to add more as I find clip art to paint. Also don't forget to sign our Guest Book so we will know that you visited and let us know if you liked the circus.




    Circus Menagerie

    Clown Parade



Flying Clown
New - 9/5/06
Elephant Tricks
New - 9/5/06
Under The Big Top
New - 9/5/2006

New - 9/5/2006
Clown Doll Circus Topper



Alphabet Sets


Majorette Kitty
New - 9/5/06
New - 9/5/06
Bozo Bear
New - 9/5/06
Flying Clown
New - 9/5/06
Circus Tent
New - 9/5/06








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