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Everyone collects something, even if it's just junk. Many of us collect animal figurines that are the same as our favorite pet. Me, I'm a "Bunny" Collector and have been since before I ever got a pet house bunny. My first collection was Dutch wooden shoes but since then I have spread myself out to 15 or more categories of collectibles. Some cheap, some more expensive but nothing outrageous. Some I spend a lot of time, effort on and others are just part time passions. I saw a Teddy Bear Collector sign online one day and decided to make one for SnoVille saying "Snowman Collector". Someone liked it and wanted one too so my "collection" of Collectors signs was born. I can't even refrain from collecting here it seems. I started out with one page and now I have spread it out to categories. If you have any suggestions for categories, signs or want one of your own, e-mail me and I'll create yet another.

2/22/2003 - Since I started doing the Collectors signs, I have found so many cute saying for signs that I have decided to add signs of all kinds. Signs for events, people, things. So be on the lookout for many more signs in the future.

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