Using a Fixed Background

Using a stationary or "fixed" background works very well with Topper backgrounds or whole page backgrounds that you do not wish to scroll. The background stays put while only the text and the graphics scroll up and down the page. A page with a map of your state or country for instance or a mountain, one very large single flower, a flag blowing in the wind, etc. All you need to do is put


somewhere in the line you place your background and text
settings. I usually place it directly after the background. So it will look similar to this example from my daughter's page.

BODY BGCOLOR="#FFFFFF" TEXT="#000000" LINK="#FF4500" VLINK="#008080" ALINK="#000000" BACKGROUND="baby-bk.gif" bgproperties=fixed

 Keep in mind though, this doesn't work in Netscape so your visitors with Netscape will see it the usual way. From what I can determine, there are less and less people using Netscape now but you may still want to take that into account. I have been leaving it the normal way lately and making sure the text and graphics do not cover the repeat of the topper lower on the page. Use the "Vspacer" or a series of bracketed "BRs" to leave it blank in that particular area. A good alternative the the whole subject is to use header frame on your page but that too can create problems for viewers with older computers.

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