***Please read the TERMS OF USAGE before taking any of the graphics.***



3 separate buttons cut & placed flush.

This shows the 3 separate buttons apart.

This is the finished blank version, transparent and butted up against each other. If you use these to add text to, they will have to be restored to transparency after the text is applied. To show that they are separate button I used a spacer image to separate them. You can use any number of the buttons together to make a long bar. This button can also be used as half of DHMTL coding to animate buttons. A is on, normal and "B" is depressed or the other way around if you wish. I used MS Front Page originally to program the buttons. Or you can use just the buttons of one or the other color and link them as you ordinarily would any button.

The next set of buttons are with a blue button filler and can be used alone or as the second buttons for DHTML.

This is a sample of the interactive buttons created in MS Front Page.
Click on each button to see it work.

To download, place your mouse over each button (or the blue part). This is three buttons but if you need more you add as many of the middle button as it takes.


These 3 images come together to make the image below so you
can take any one of the buttons and add the end piece and
make it your end button.

You can see how the end piece fits so well and turns any of the
middle pieces into an end piece.

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 This background set was created by *snogirl using Paint Shop Pro.
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