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A few years ago I followed a tutorial on how to create plaid background tiles and discovered something akin to a obsession. I sat there and created at least 30 the first night. Since then I have used them a lot for backgrounds, alphabet sets and images. The background on this page I think, is close to being my favorite. What can I say, I love navy! Anyway, after doing my alphabet set with each letter all different plaids, I decided that I would just share them with you all. You probably have saved several from my sets as it is but here's the rest of the usable ones. Not everyone was any good as some were too dark but I lightened them with Paint Shop Pro and most of the dark ones now look great.  To download, right click over each plaid sample.
*If you would like to have a muted tile and diagonal tile to match anyone of the following plaids, just ask and if it's one that works to diagonal, I'll be happy to do it. I can mute any of them. This page is an example of the three forms, full color, diagonal and muted, all from the one tile.

Page One

plaid 1 plaid 2 plaid 3 plaid 4 plaid 5
plaid 6 plaid 7 plaid 8 plaid 9 plaid 10
plaid 11 plaid 12 plaid 13 plaid 14 plaid 15
plaid 16 plaid 17 plaid 18 plaid 19 plaid 20
plaid 21 plaid 22 plaid 23 plaid 24 plaid 25
plaid 26 plaid 27 plaid 28 plaid 29 plaid 30
plaid 31 plaid 32 plaid 33 plaid 34 plaid 35
plaid 36 plaid 37 plaid 38 plaid 39 plaid 40
plaid 41 plaid 42 plaid 43 plaid 44 plaid 45
plaid 46 plaid 47 plaid 48 plaid 49 plaid 50

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This background set was created by *snogirl using Paint Shop Pro
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