Spacing a Topper Background


Other Uses For a "Vspacer" or Transparent image.

First, you need to right-click on this yellow square and download the "clear.gif". It's invisible, but you need it if you want to keep your text from starting over the top of your border. On my Geocities pages, I usually put the Geoguide Banner at the bottom of my page.

You will need to use this code with the spacer but you may adjust the Height to which ever length you need to clear the design at the top.

IMG SRC="clear.gif" Height=125 Width=1>

This is the way I have it set up on one of my pages. I left out some of the
< > brackets in order to get the code to show up on this page.

TEXT=#0077AA LINK=#B22222 VLINK=#003955
IMG SRC="vspacer.gif" HEIGHT=125 WIDTH=1

I used the settings of Width=40 Height=1 in the code and it automatically spaces it uniformly every time. You may use which ever width setting you wish for either for vertical or horizontal spacing. As a quick way to use this and being basically lazy at heart, I copy and paste this into each place I want a space after I am finished inserting my graphics.

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