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Welcome to Graphix by *snogirl's
Terms of Use.

Hello, and thank you for visiting Graphix by *snogirl & Sno's Studio. Please read and abide by the following stipulations to using my graphics. I ask that you follow the guidelines for your protection and mine.

NONE of the graphics on SnoVille's and Babbit's Garden pages are to be taken. You may use only the graphics on the pages on Graphics by *snogirl.

Your site MUST be family oriented, NO sites containing racism, pornography, hatred, violence. 

Nothing on these pages may be used for profit in any way.

Do not link to the graphics on my pages. Please download the images or backgrounds you want to your own hard drive. Linking directly to a graphic is called Hot Linking and is illegal. It is Theft, plain and simple. I now have a Hot Link Protection feature which returns only an "X" to your page instead  of a graphic. If you try to use a hot linked graphic in a forum or bulletin board or e-mail, etc., it will return empty and your message will be ruined. My site now is no longer free, I have to pay for my bandwidth and hot linking really eats it up. I gain nothing in profit from any of these graphics but must pay to display them online for you to use for free so it was necessary to take steps to prevent bandwidth theft so I can stay online. Also, my visitor logs record the sites that are attempting to link so I know where they are.

I ask that NONE of my graphics be used to make PSP Tubes, PSP Custom Brushes, Signature Tags, Backgrounds, Alphabet Sets, other graphics, E-Mail Stationery (including Incredimail, Outlook Express, etc,) and so on, period, no exception. The only exception that does exist is for Some Alphabet Sets. To find out what those are click here.

None of my Graphic Images are to be posted on the web as free graphics or commercial graphics collections in any of the above mentioned forms. You may use them to illustrate your personal webpages.

You may however use my graphics in scrapbooks, personal printed stationery (snail mail), note cards, in a classroom, etc. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT WHAT ANY OF THIS MEANS, BY ALL MEANS, CONTACT ME. 

If you take any of my graphics, won't you please e-mail me with your URL so I can see what clever way you are using them. It might give me ideas for more. Also I request that you take one of my banners below and link back to my site.You may also use any of the banners you see on any of the background sets.

If you have any special requests or would like the graphics a different size, please let me know. I have kept most of the graphics at their original size also to make customizing a snap.


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